Services Provided

Cameron is a fully qualified Marine Biologist with over ten years experience in the aquarium industry.
  • Aquarium installation - We specialize in the installation of freshwater and marine aquariums, and can customise state of the art filtration systems to match your budget.  
  • Freshwater and Saltwater aquarium maintenance- We can maintain your tank as often or as occasionally as you like.  We use time- efficient equipment so that the service is as cost efficient as possible.  
  • Aquarium relocation- We can move aquariums of all sizes, to make moving house easier and more stress free. 
  • Sales of all aquarium products and livestock- We can provide all livestock and equipment at competitive prices.
  • Holiday maintenance- We can maintain your aquarium whilst you are away on holiday. We can provide automatic fish feeders for sale, or cost effective hire.


(An example of a freshwater community tank created by Cameron)